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Waxing Starter Kits
Waxness Hard Wax Beads -...

Waxness Hard Wax Beads - Gel Blue Professional...

Price $197.29
Availability: 8 In Stock

-Waxness Blue is a professional grade, hybrid resin wax from Europe. It is characterized by high flexibility and plasticity, a strong grip on the hair, and very low adhesion to the skin.
-Use without strips suitable for all areas
-Low temperature, European professional formula
-Dark color is well visible on the skin.
-Made in Italy

Waxness Hard Wax Beads -...

Waxness Hard Wax Beads - Gel Azulene Bulk 22...

Price $197.29
Availability: 10 In Stock

- Natural Resin Base

- For All Types of Hair and Skin

- Ideal for underarm and bikini

- Dark color well visible on the skin

- Medium Hardening Time

- Translucent 

- Low Temperature

- With Soothing Azulene

- Use without strips & low temperature 

- Made is Italy

Waxness Hard Wax Beads...

Waxness Hard Wax Beads Rosin Free - Creamy...

Price $215.82
Availability: 13 In Stock
  • Creamy, ideal for sensitive and facial areas 
  • Formulated for Brazilian waxing 
  • With purifying charcoal
  • Hypoallergenic premium synthetic resin
  • Well visible on the skin 
  • Use without strips & low-temperature min 38 degrees C (100.4 F)
  • This wax is not microwaveable
  • Ideal for salons / Made in Italy /For licensed beauticians use
Waxness Hard Wax Beads -...

Waxness Hard Wax Beads - Gel Barbero Grooming...

Price $197.29
Availability: 10 In Stock

- For short, coarse hair

- Created for men, tough on the hair, gentle on the skin

- Dark metallic color well visible on the skin

- Fast Hardening time is ideal for busy professionals

- Use without strips & low temperature (max 42 degrees C (107.6 degrees F)

- Ideal for barber shops

- Professional use only

- Made in Italy