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-Specially formulated for sensitive skin, to be used with Waxness Sensitive Skin Waxing System
-Protects sensitive skin during waxing
-Removes wax residues after waxing
-For use with rosin free / synthetic based hard wax

A gentle natural oil, based on natural ingredients with a high concentration of Olive Oil. When used before waxing, the oil penetrates the skin while leaving it smooth and not greasy, ready for a comfortable waxing. Protects the skin during waxing by lowering the adherence on the skin but, due to its special formulation allow the wax to create a strong grip on the hair. Removes the wax residues and moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth when used after waxing.

Waxness Sensitive Skin Waxing System using Pre-Post Oil

For this procedure, use only synthetic resin wax such as Italian Velvet, Russian Pearl, Charcoal, Tattoo, Royal Crystal, Bikini Lotus etc. Do not use this procedure with natural resin wax as this type of resin will not perform well with this oil.
1.Cleanse the skin before waxing using a pre-waxing lotion such as Aloe Vera, Dr Bump Pepermint or Citrus Pre-Wax Foaming Lotion. Apply the lotion on the skin and evenly distribute on the treated area. Remove the remaining lotion with a cosmetic pad or tissue. This will remove the impurities and will sanitize the skin.
2.To prepare the skin for waxing use the Pre-Post Natural Waxing Oil (Not Scented) or Pre-Post Natural Waxing Tattoo Oil (Scented). Apply a small amount on the skin, distribute oil with light massage movements, remove excess oil with a tissue. After applying the oil the wax will not adhere to the skin so the sensitive skin will be fully protected but because of its special formula, will still grip on the hair.
3.Proceed with the normal waxing procedure.
4.After waxing, apply a small amount of oil on the skin, massage with light movements then removes the excess oil with a tissue. The oil will remove the wax residues and will replenish and moist the skin after waxing.
Ingredients: Triolein, Glyceryl Dioleate, Limonene, Linalool, Eugenol, Benzyl Salicylate.

Data sheet

Skin type
Sensitive Skin
Application area
Free of
Artificial Colors

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