The Double Wax Heater is suitable for all types of hair removal, therapeutic waxes, and paraffin. It melts all types of depilatory waxes: canned, beads, and in block form. Its internal heating elements are built to last. With a 4-1/8'' diameter and 2-1/4'' deep interior, each heating chamber is designed to support most wax containers, such as 14-ounce size, and other cans of the same diameter. The warmer includes 1 removable metal wax pot liner for use with loose wax, direct pouring, and easy cleaning.

Will hold up to 2 X 16 fluid ounces of wax, and has polished birchwood luxury handles for convenience and safety. The temperature can be adjusted up to 100 degrees Celsius for a quick and even wax meltdown. The thermostat control knobs and circular heating elements are separately controlled so the warmer can be used with different types of wax in each pot. RoHS certified.


Dimensions: units measure 7-1/4'' long, 5-3/8'' height.


Power: 300W. 



- wax heating machine (wax not included)

- 2 removable wax pots with lids

- USA standard grounded power cord (120 volts)

- Instructions/owner`s manual


IMPORTANT NOTE: For licensed beauticians use only! Please read carefully all the instructions on the product label before use.


Data sheet

Heater Size
double 1 lb
120 V

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